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Value :

2500 ton hydraulic pressure testing machine

3.8.1main technical data:

Pipedia.:                             Ф5083000mm

Wallthickness                         5.025.4mm

length                                812m

testing capacity                        max 2500t

sealingway                           end selaed

systempressure                       max 25MPa

testing pressure                       max 31.5MPa

dwellingtime                          10s

boostingway                          booster pump

testingmedium                      emulsified water and tap water

dynamicpower                         AC380V 50Hz

controlpower                          AC220V 50Hz

installedcapacity                       150KW

3.8.2technical process:

Standraise to catch pipe→aligning→drop pipe→adjustable test tool forwarding→clamping→low-pressurefeed water→close gas valve→close feeding valve→open the ball valve to discharge→highpressure water boosting→stop and dwelling→replenish water→dwelling→exhaustvalve discharging→adjustable test toll withdraw→mobile trolley pulling pipe→openthe clamper→stand raise→pull out the pipe→receive pipe

Onecycle completed and waiting for next cycle

3.8.3Machinery introduction: tensionbeam:

Adopttension beam structure, material 16Mn, round pin is 42CrMo, with tensileresistance 7200 ton hydraulic cylinder

Adopts31.5 Mpa high-pressure pump, of which two horizontal active cylinders, theremaining four are connected by replenishing valve

Hydrauliccylinder: Ф1270x1200        1pcs.

Workpressure of hydraulic system:      25MPa

Testingcapacity:                      2400ton system

Hydraulicunit is integrated block valve station, element adopts product produced byintroducing German Rexroth technology. system:

This electrical controlsystem, made of AC control, PLC control, computer monitoring system, isdesigned and used to control hydraulic pressure test of φ508~3000 spiral weldedpipe. It is tightly connected with equipment process, water and hydraulicsystem.

Covering one controlcabinet, one operation panel and one set of computer system. property of electrcial part

²Based on theequipment techncial process, the electrical system is designed to equip withthe HMI operation system and supervisory computer control system. The HMImainly applies to control, monitoring, set and modification of thetest&operation parameter, while computer system mainly applies to thecollection, storing, print, inquires of the testing curve and data. The twosystems have relatively independent and the two systems complement each other.

²When thecomputer goes wrong or no need to record testing data, The HMI and PLC willachieve the hydrostatic test independently, which ensure the system reliable,safe and flexible. HMI will directly connect with PLC system

²The oil andwater balanced system will controlled by the PLC system. The water pressure andoil pressure will tested by the pressure transmitter. And deliver the signal tothe PLC system. At last the PLC system will transform the analog signal ofwater pressure and oil pressure to digital signal and then send them to thecomputer system. The computer system will keep record, storing and transformthe digital signal to the curve form and digital form; finally show on thedisplay screen. The PLC system will analyze the set parameters (pipe diameter,thickness, material quality and test pressure, etc.). By compare of hydraulicand oil pressure, thus control the oil pressure. cofiguration  

PLC is SIMENS S7 serial,computer is Taiwan Yanhua industrial control computer, low-voltageelement(circuit breaker, contactor and relay, etc) is LG product, main commandelement is SHEG(SIMENS) product, and others adopt famous domestic product.

The control cabinet chooses resemble GGD cabinet, Theheight=2000mm,the thickness=600mm,the width is less than 1000mm.Inside oroutside all use the static electricity spurts models processing. Grade ofProtection is IP24.The color: PAL7032. busbar and grounding copper lugs areinstalled cabinet inside. technical conditions

a)     Electrical power: three-phase four-wire, AC380V±10%

Three-phaseimbalance rate ≤3%

b)     Power supply frequency: 50Hz±3%

c)     Surrounding temperature: 25°C±5

d)     Surrounding humidity:  ≤85% ,no dew allowed