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Shanxi Gelande Mechanical & Electric Technology Co.,Ltd.

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contacts:YAFEI HAN(Deputy General Manager)



WEB: http://www.sxgldjd.com/

Address:shanxi provice

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TheShanxi Gelande Mechanical& Electric Technology Co., Ltd is the hi-techenterprise specializing in design, development and manufacture of spiral weldedpipe mill, ERW pipe mill, cold-roll forming machine, square& rectangularpipe machine, steel pipe chamfering machine and steel pipe hydrotester.

 Now total twokinds of equipment can be supplied, including welded pipe cold rolling machine,and other non-standard equipment. Of which, the former one mainly covers ERWpipe mill (round, square and rect. pipe), spiral welded pipe mill (front andback swing type), slitting line, slitting& cross-cutting combination line,cold-roll forming machine (open and closed profile steel), steel pipechamfering machine (spiral welded pipe and ERW pipe),steel pipe hydrotester (spiral welded pipe and ERW pipe), equipment infinishing area (conveyor, benc and pipe kick-off, ec.). The other non-standardequipment includes profile steel straightening machine, plate straighteningmachine, pipe expander. Regarding the above machines, we can offer professionalservices as technical design, manufacture, installation& commissioning, aswell as technical revision work.

The spiral weldedpipe mill is also known as spiral (helical) welded pipe equipment, spiral(helical) welded pipe making machine, and the ERW pipe mill is also known asstraight seam welded pipe machine, and straight seam welded pipe makingmachine.

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