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φ508φ3000 beveling&end-facingmachine

3.7.1pipe specification:

Outer dia.: Φ508~Φ3000

Wall thickness: 5.025.4mm

Length: 8~12m

3.7.2max. pipe weight: 22.5T/pcs.

3.7.3tool arrangement: butt ends arrangement

3.7.4tool feeding amount: 5~30mm/min

3.7.5 hydraulicwork pressure: 10Mpa        

3.7.6technical property

a)     —structure: double head adjustable, and beveling from both ends

b)     —rotating speed of tool disc.: 80~120m/min

c)     —speed regulation: machinery four shifts by coordinating with ACmotor, stepless speed changes.

d)     —gearbox feeding mode: hydraulic feeding

e)     —main motor of main shaft transmission: 45kw, AC motor

f)      —number of tool desk: single end with double toll desks

g)     —pipe receiving mode: automatical hydraulic receiver

h)     —pipe clamping mode: hydraulic clamping, with hydraulic locking

i)       —beveling efficiency: when pipe dia. is φ800mm,1pcs./8mins.

3.7.7technical process:

Whenpipe enters the beveling machine, the hydraulic lift receives and places pipeinto clamper, which then clamps, gearbox feeds step by step. Tool disc, drivenby motor, starts beveling by radial movement. One time finished, the gearboxfeeds for the second time to start beveling again. Times of gearbox feedingdiffers based on pipe wall thickness when beveling. Gearbox quickly withdrawsafter beveling finished, clamper opens, pipe receiver takes the pipe out andwaits for next cycle.

3.7.8electrical control system

Thisbeveling&end-facing machine is PLC control, main shaft is hydrauliccylinder control. The system is manual control, partial auotmatical control

Twocontrol cabinets and two operation panels

PLCis SIMENS S7 serial

Low-voltage element(circuitbreaker, contactor and relay, etc) is LG product, main command element( button,singal lamp, change over switch, etc) is SHEG(SIMENS) product, and others adoptfamous domestic product.

Low-voltage elements areinstalled inside of the standard control cabinet with detailed specification asfollow: the height=2000mm, the thickness=600mm,the width is less than1000mm.Inside or outside all use the static electricity spurts modelsprocessing. Grade of Protection is IP24.The color: PAL7032.  Sensor on site is domestic famous product